Meet Renee

Expert Recruiter, Author, Career Coach, Wife, Mom,

Avid Traveler & Cocktail Enthusiast

Today's employment market is incredibly fierce - and now more than ever people are reaching out to me for advice on how to combat the candidate driven market. 

So I decided now is the best time to lift the veil and invite you to listen in on my conversations as I speak to individuals that are relevant to today's employment market. 

My guests have been sharing value bombs that will motivate and educate you on how to elevate your situation whether you are a Hiring Leader or Job Seeker.

And to add a twist - we will be mixing up a cocktail with every episode!

...the most cost effective way to hire for your team? to negotiate a pay raise?   
...what to wear to an interview?  
...the best way to leverage your network?

All of those questions will be answered PLUS so much more.

With over 17 years in the recruiting industry, 7 of which were at Target Corp, I have first hand experience on how hiring leaders collaborate with their teams, and how all the cogs work together to make a hire.  I know first hand, from my experience as the President of TalentQ, Inc what a great recruiting process looks like from the view of the Client & Candidate.    

It's time to mix up a cocktail and clear the noise in recruiting!