Actress & Voice Over Artist Janet Fogg + Stinger

Actress & Voice Over Artist Janet Fogg joins us in the studio for one of her favorite past-time cocktails, the Stinger.

Often referred to as an "Old Society Drink" it could easily be mistaken for an Andes mint candy.

Janet, seemingly a master storyteller, shares her memories of the luxurious days back in the 70's when going out for dinner was a sophisticated event. Although the days of dressing in matching gloves, hats and party dresses have passed, the love for the simple palate cleansing drink the Stinger has not.

Janet's career journey has been diverse, from working at the Pentagon, navigating a successful career in commercial printing to now working on the 'Big Screen'. Truly a renegade of her time, you don't want to miss this!

From the words of Janet: "Follow Your Dream 🔆Believe In Yourself🔆Toot Your Own Horn"

Learn more about Janet and her work HERE:

The Stinger:

2 oz Cognac - We used Hennessy

1 oz White Crème D Menthe

Add ingredients to shaker. Strain into martini glass. Garnish with mint leaf. Enjoy!

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