Discipline Fuels Motivation + Heineken [Live From The Netherlands}

I am beyond excited to be bringing you an episode live from The Netherlands.

Careers & Cocktails is officially making an international imprint with listeners in over 9 countries and now, episodes recorded abroad!!

This week I am chatting with my brother-in-law Chris Frey at the beautiful restaurant Gossimijne. It seemed fitting to enjoy a nice-cold Heineken being that it is one of the 3 major brewing companies in the Netherlands.

Chris describes himself as having a nomadic spirit - having visited 44 countries - several of which he has lived in.

Chris shares his career journey of working as a Police Officer in the US Air Force, how he moved through the ranks, adjusted to different customs and cultures throughout his travels and the momentous celebration of being cancer free for 10 years.

Thank you Chris for the timely reminder that we should not make a big decision over a temporary situation.

Cheers to you and your continued mission to help and empower others, xx Renee

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