Diversity in the Workplace + Brandy Old Fashioned *Sweet*

I was thrilled to be joined in the studio this week by Sheri Marnell, an agent of change, an internal optimist and a fellow former Targeteer!

Being that we both live in Hudson we paid homage to our home state by mixing up the official drink of Wisconsin - a Brandy Old Fashioned *sweet*.

In our conversation Sheri mentioned, "You grow when you are uncomfortable" and her career journey is a reflection of just that.

Having worked at Target Corporation for over 15 years in 14 different positions - - there is no doubt that Sheri has the keen ability to embrace change!

We discuss her diverse career journey and how she made the transition from corporate america to higher education where she is currently a Lecturer at University of Wisconsin - River Falls.

Sheri teaches courses in Organizational Theory and Behavior, Leading Change, Team Engagement, Retail Management and Workplace Diversity.

We chat on the topics of moving from individual contributor roles to management, motivating teams, question based coaching, servant leadership and strides companies are making to remove unconscious bias during the hiring process.

As Sheri so graciously reminded us, "Never Say Never!"



Brandy Old Fashioned *Sweet*

2 oz Brandy

1 tsp simple syrup

2 dashes bitters

Splash of 7up

2 Maraschino cherries

2 orange slices


In an old fashioned glass, muddle orange slice, cherry, simple syrup and bitters. Add brandy and fill glass with ice. Top with splash of 7up. Garnish with cherry and orange slice & ENJOY!

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