Follow Your Intuition + Mojito Mocktail

This week we are serving up a Mojito Mocktail at the request of our guest, Vikas Narula.    

Vikas' background encompasses entrepreneurship, public speaking, content creation, software development and business ownership.  

Reflecting on my conversation with Vikas, and being in a current state of uncertainty, I was blown away with his raw honesty and underlying message.  And that is to follow your intuition, listen to your heart, 'scratch the itch' as Vikas refers to it.    

Vikas shares his career journey, and through many triumphs and tribulations how he was able to turn his hobby into a business of helping others.  

I encourage you to watch this episode and head over to Vikas' website to learn more about his work - -

Thank you Vikas for the reminder to push through the scared, to cut the excuses, and to 'scratch the itch'.    

Cheers,  Renee



10 large mint leaves

2 Tbls fresh lime juice

2 Tbls simple syrup

Splash of soda water


Add mint leaves to cup, add fresh lime juice to leaves, add simple syrup, muddle in glass and press to release flavor of mint. Add club soda, add ice, garnish with lime and mint leaf.


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