For The Love Of Wine + The Journey Of Winemaking

Attorney turned Winemaker, Rob Fowler joined me in the studio to school us with his knowledge of wine, grape varieties, different wine-making methods and so much more!

This is a blast from the past as we recorded at the end of 2019 - and since then - his company Fowler Wine has grown exponentially as they have officially launched their website and some really exciting NEW products!

Seriously though, if you are a boater or outdoor enthusiast - be sure to check out their Adventure Series!!!!

VISIT --->

(Now shipping to MN, WI, FL & DC)

Rob has participated in many wine contests over the years, bringing in over 200 awards. He wholeheartedly believes wine-making is the ultimate combination of science and art and he continues to explore that balance as he grows his wine business.

If you are a wine lover - or are just beginning to experiment with different wines - THIS IS FOR YOU.

Enjoy! 🍷


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