Holiday Spritzer 🎄❄🎅

For those of you scrambling to pull together the last minute touches on your holiday party - I wanted to share a new favorite recipe for a Holiday Spritzer. 

We mixed it up on a recent episode of my podcast Careers & Cocktails and it is too good not to share!  (Shout out to McKenna from Career Services at UWRF for introducing me to this deliciousness)

A fun mocktail for the kiddies and a great drink to spike for those that are feeling extra 'festive' 🎅

Ingredients 1 bottle (64 ounces) white grape juice (Try Sparkling White Grape Juice for Extra Bubbly)

2 liters Sprite or 7-Up

Chilled cranberries, optional

Diced granny smith apple



Combine ingredients. Garnish each glass with apples, cranberries & rosemary. Serve chilled or over ice.

**Feeling festive?

Try adding in a splash of cranberry juice

***Feeling EXTRA festive?

Add a bottle of white wine or sparkling wine for an adult-only version 😉

Cheers to you and yours this holiday season!

Do you have a favorite recipe? Send it my way


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