Millennials In The Workplace + Apple Cider Mules

Mix up an Apple Cider Mule and join in on my conversation with Lyndsey Bunger.

Lyndsey's background encompasses hospitality, mortgage and real estate.

As a millennial in the workplace, Lyndsey discusses how she is able to effectively manage her team, embrace generational differences in the workplace and balance the mom life, work life and her side hustle of real estate.

Moving from Minnesota to Seattle, Lyndsey shares her journey of how she adapted to a new culture and merged her passion of real estate with her career at a real estate start-up.

Lyndsey even shares the humbling experience of meeting a few famous people along the way. ......(spoiler alert...JEFF BEZOS 😲)

For anyone who is looking for the courage to ask for what they want - - and land a job that feels like a hobby...this episode is for you.

P.S. In this episode you will learn that I am clearly a cocktail enthusiast - and NOT an expert! I made the goof of doubling the vodka - - but hey, it was still delicious 😃

If you are a cocktail expert - reach out - would love to collaborate!




INGREDIENTS 4 oz. vodka (We used #ketleone) Ginger beer (We used Hard Ginger Beer...oops!) Sparkling cider Sliced apple, for garnish Cinnamon sticks, for garnish

DIRECTIONS Fill two copper mugs (Get yours here: with ice. Pour 2 oz vodka into each cup. Fill 2/3 full with sparkling cider, then top with ginger beer. Garnish with an apple slice and a cinnamon stick. Serve.

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