Navigating A Career In Technology + Founders Breakfast Stout

Mikey Boldt, a Software Engineer by trade [and near and dear cousin of mine] joined me in the studio to enjoy a Founders Breakfast Stout and chat transparently about his career journey in the technology field.

With an entrepreneurial spirit who breaks the stereotypical mold of introverted technologists – Mikey shares how he has navigated his career journey while keeping up with changing technology and managing a side hustle.

We discuss the hot topic of informational interviews and how they have impacted his career – as well tips to successfully work with a remote team, networking advice and tools he has used to help navigate his career path!


👉Are you considering a career change? Not feeling fulfilled in your current role? Early in your career? I encourage you to carve out some time to do this exercise - the results will amaze you! Gifted/Motivated Abilities Exercise

👉Are you in a leadership role? Or considering making the transition from an individual contributor role to management - this is a great resource: Leadership Strategy and Tactics by Jocko Willink

Looking forward to sharing this with you!



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