Safety Abby + Two Women Lager (New Glarus Brewing Co.)

Abby Ferri, a trailblazer in the safety community joined me in the studio for a New Glarus lager called Two Women.

Abby had me on board when she said New Glarus, as it's a household name here in Wisconsin…but what I didn't know was that Deborah Carey, the President of New Glarus Brewing Company was the first woman to found and operate a brewery in the U.S!!

Deborah, you are our IDOL!!

A perfect beer to sip as Abby shares her journey of working in a male populated industry and how she creatively leverages social media to spread safety messages.

Be sure to check this episode out on YouTube! Abby shows off some of her favorite personal protection equipment (PPE) and speaks to the effort made to widen the access to safe equipment for women.

👉Learn more about Safety Abby HERE.

👉Learn more about New Glarus Brewing Co HERE.

Cheers to the trailblazers 🍻


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