The Rewarding Career of a Doula - Living in Belgium

Joining us from the other side of the world this week is Esther Kokkelmans, a Doula who currently lives in Belgium. Knowing very little about the Doula profession – I was ecstatic to chat with Esther and dive in - - especially after learning she is the longest working Doula in her country! [celebrity in the house 😀]

Although a world away, Esther and I have been lucky enough to meet in person, thanks to the power of technology, the power of networking, and moreover, our shared love for Tesla.

When it came time to planning a family vacation to The Netherlands, I posted about it in a Tesla group on Facebook, and Esther was kind enough to not only invite me to their local meetup, but also arrange transportation for me and my girls. A true example of how she continues to inspire, support and network with women in all aspects of her life!

So seeing her bright and smiling face via zoom was a pleasure!

Esther shares her experience of transitioning from a Pediatric Nurse to a Birth Doula, and the role she plays throughout the birthing process. Whether it is helping parents understand their birthing rights, find their voice or helping them prepare for the unknown, Esther has the keen ability to adjust herself to the needs of her clients.

Esther is truly an inspiration as she shares her wealth of knowledge related to the birthing process, women’s rights and her continuous mission of challenging herself and challenging others. Thank you Esther for going out of your way to make me feel at home when visiting you, and for inviting me in to learn more about the DYNAMITE work you do as a Doula.

If you drive a Tesla or have an interest in them - check out the Facebook group (Tesla Divas Europe) that Esther created. This is also the group that connected Esther and I:

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