True to Intention + Mocha

I am forever grateful for my guest this week, Amanda Johnson.

Amanda is the Founder of True to Intention, a speaker, best-selling author....and the editor that encouraged me, collaborated with me, and kept me on track as I wrote and published, "I Hate Mondays, A Guide To Landing A Job That Makes You Jump Out Of Bed."

So naturally, I was thrilled to reconnect over one of her favorite beverages - - A Homemade Mocha!

Check out her go-to recipe:


In a French press, steep the following for 5-10 minutes:

- 1 tbsp roasted cacao beans

- 1/2 tbsp coffee (for flavor; increase if you want more caffeine)

- 4 drops stevia

Heat and add:

- 1 tbsp coconut almond milk

Other than being a mocha addict, Amanda identifies herself as a smart-mouthed seeker, unapologetic story junkie & mindfully messy messenger. She opens up about her business and the spiritual journey and creative processes she shares with her clients.

As Amanda so graciously reminded me.... the process is often more important than the end goal. A simple reminder and something to think about as so many of us hurry through nearly everything we do.

Pour yourself a mocha drink, and embrace the process.

Thanks for joining me Amanda!

Cheers, Renee ☕

Learn more about Amanda and her incredible work HERE.

✨If you have been considering writing a book - or have a story to share - Amanda has many free tips and tricks available on her website

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