Sunday-Night Blues?

Say GOODBYE to the Sunday-Night Blues and HELLO to



Renee Frey's book, "I Hate Mondays!" takes you on a journey towards finding a job you love!


Dedicated to all the frustrated job seekers... May you obtain a pay raise and promotion... and LOVE your Mondays!


Renee Frey

It's punchy and fun...while also inspiring and very useful! Such a great read in a time in my life when I need motivation and drive to find the best space for me and my career.

Very helpful.  Got it. Read it.  Giving it to my daughter and wife to read. 

If you're looking for new opportunities, check out this book!  It validated my efforts in my most recent job search.  Renee leverages an experience with a job searcher to walk you through the steps you need to take to get on the path to a new job.

This book was a very positive outlook on job interviews.  It also inspired me to advance my career and get an additional certification.  It's a great red for anyone who is looking to make a move on their career!